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Scrapbook Memories Series 1600


1601 All Occasions
Today’s show is called all occasion – who needs an excuse to scrapbook? First we feature an every occasion spinner rack – it’s a new way to feature cards, photos, and memorabilia. Then, Julie will be on location with artist Suze Weinberg –as they get all dressed up in the first artist to artist segment!  Last, Julianna Hudgins completes our all occasion lineup with paper crafting at its best.


1602 Kids and Babies
One thing that never changes is our love of scrapbooking our kids and families. First, Julie and Beth have a perfect baby album – not only is it adorable but it’s very easy and includes some cards to match. Then, Julianna Hudgins is back with great ideas for scrapbooking for kids. Last, artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer introduces clear embossing techniques. 


1603 Cutouts and Die Cuts
There are so many ways of making a shape. This show previews the newest. Julianna Hudgins starts out with fabric appliqués – of course she has a great way to cut them out.  Then, Beth and Julie create a banner from precut shapes – you’ll be seeing lots of banners this season. Finally, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero prints, punches and cuts for a unique shaped card. 


1604 Home Dec Accents
There are a few key trends changing the face of scrapbooking. The first is the introduction of all different mixed media components like paint and glitter. The second is using scrapbook supplies for other paper crafts like banners, cards and today’s theme which is home dec. The show opens with Julianna Hudgins showing how to create simple home accents with texture. Then, travel with Julie to see home dec at its best with Cynthea Sandoval – she even has a scrapbook kitchen. Lastly, Lisa Singer creates a framed wall art project.


1605 Cards
First is Julianna Hudgins and card making 101. Then, we depart a little from cards to meet special guest Nikki Sivils as she shows how to make patterned paper work together on layouts. Finally, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates watercolor cards.


1606 Alphabets and Letters
The show’s topic is ABC’s. There are so many different font choices, and ways of creating and using letters. First it’s time for a little love with some very large letters from Lisa Singer. Then, Nikki Sivils is back with 3D layouts. Finally, we end with our ABC’s again and Julianna Hudgins. 


1607 Mix It Up
Mixed media is the most prevalent new idea in scrapbooking. This trend is introducing many new materials to scrapbooking and becoming a new category. The first project is from Rebekah Meier – this is true mixed media with canvas on wood and lots of surface technique. Next, meet Melody Langworth with all different techniques – rubber stamping is a great bridge between various media. Last, we create translucent embellishments with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. 


1608 Vacation
The show focuses on unique ways to remember special trips. Julianna Hudgins opens the show with a vacation tag book. Then, in our artist to artist segment, join Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on location with Mou Saha and a page entitled “Swim” – its summer fun at its best. Finally we have an album, frame and series of pages all in one – these are themed kits from exotic places.


1609 Books and Albums
This show features the newest ideas for displaying photos in books or albums. First is Julianna Hudgins demonstrating a unique album project. Then, meet Kim Hupke for an interesting way of cutting and embossing. Last, it’s a layout inspired by coordinating supplies. The page is too pretty to hide in an album-it is perfect for framing.


1610 Flowers
When you’re looking for a touch of color on a layout – nothing is easier than adding flowers. They can signify the season, bring a feminine touch, and also add just about any sentiment. First, Julianna Hudgins combines flowers and phrases for a pretty project. Then, travel on location with Julie and Noreen McKee for miniature blooms as an accent on cards. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer wraps up the show with some quick techniques for decorating fabric blooms. 


1611 Celebrations
Scrapbooking often revolves around a celebration – a birthday, wedding, and anniversary. It makes sense to not only create  pages to commemorate those events but also use paper supplies to actually create the party - making things like banners, table decorations and more. First, Julianna Hudgins shares her own party theme. Then, we meet Suzi Guerzi with some wonderful stickers as we travel on location. Finally, we create a domino frame with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – the perfect gift. 


1612 Specialty
There are always new specialty items for scrapbookers. First, it’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer with a great photo canvas. Then, we head on location with Julie to learn about new uses for buttons. Next, Beth visits with Julianna Hudgins on location creating cards with a new technique. Last, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero returns with some fascinating nested cards using software options for creating unique cards. 



1613 Mix It Up Again
More than any other trend - mixed media is changing the face of scrapbooking. First, Julie and Beth demonstrate how to create a banner from chipboard featuring dress form shapes. Then, in the artist to artist segment, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer interviews Claudine Hellmuth. Finally, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer returns to the show creating a photo magnet.


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